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MANZOKU - L'Epicerie Japonaise

Welcome to the first and only Japanese grocery store in Luxembourg. We stock a selection of food essentials for the Japanese cook. From premium soy sauces, rice, organic teas, miso and other condiments, to beautiful tableware and a fine selection of sake and craft beer from Japan. If you are looking for good quality ingredients for your Japanese home meal, you are at the right address.

162 Avenue du Dix Septembre

L-2550 Luxembourg

MANZOKU - Ramen Bar

A bowl of Japanese Ramen noodle soup is a heart-warming, humble dish that consists of three main components: soup broth, noodles and toppings. Ramen is the most popular comfort food in Japan and in recent years has experienced a renaissance with the craft Ramen movement, and can now be found in major cities around the world.

Our mission is to make authentic Japanese Ramen available to everyone in Luxembourg. We handcraft our own fresh noodles, use the finest local ingredients and flavours imported from Japan. Come and experience our Ramen Bar for yourself and have a Japan-like experience that will want you coming back for more.

Sorry we do not take reservations. Once the Ramen Bar is full we operate a virtual queue via our waitlist app and aim to get you seated as quickly as possible.

153 Avenue du Dix Septembre

L-2551 Luxembourg



MANZOKU Ramen Cooking Kits


Or make Ramen at home with the our cooking kits, which consist of locally-made fresh Ramen noodles and a flavoursome soup stock imported from Japan.

Our range of Ramen cooking kits are available in three flavour combinations, matching the best noodles with the corresponding broth from the same region of Japan.


From the north in Hokkaido, thick chewy Sapporo noodles with a robust, spicy Miso broth; from central Honshu, wholesome Tokyo egg noodles with a light, more delicate soy sauce-based Shoyu broth; and from the west in Kyushu, firm thin Hakata noodles with a creamy Tonkotsu-like ‘unami’ broth; all delicious, hearty combinations and all vegetarian, including one vegan.

MANZOKU Ramen Cooking Kits are available from our Japanese grocery store in Belair.

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