Japanese soul food products that warm the heart and mind.

Our first product: Ramen.

A bowl of Japanese Ramen noodle soup is a heart-warming, humble dish that consists of three main components: soup broth, noodles and toppings. Ramen is the most popular comfort food in Japan and in recent years has experienced a renaissance with the craft Ramen movement, and can now be found in major cities around the world.

Our mission is to make authentic Japanese Ramen available to everyone in Luxembourg and beyond, not just through restaurants but also to home cooks in the form of a Ramen cooking kit. The MANZOKU cooking kit consist of locally-made fresh Ramen noodles and a flavoursome soup stock imported from Japan.

All that is required is to boil the noodles for 30 seconds to 1,5 minutes (depending on type), add boiling water to the stock and then combine with your favourite toppings. Like a pizza, the combination of toppings is unlimited and there are no fixed rules, so home cooks can either follow a recipe or use their own creativity and see where their taste buds take them.

Our range of Ramen cooking kits are available in three flavour combinations, matching the best noodles with the corresponding broth from the same region of Japan. From the north in Hokkaido, thick chewy Sapporo noodles with a robust, spicy Miso broth; from central Honshu, wholesome Tokyo egg noodles with a light, more delicate soy sauce-based Shoyu broth; and from the west in Kyushu, firm thin Hakata noodles with a creamy Tonkotsu-like ‘unami’ broth; all delicious, hearty combinations and all vegetarian, including one vegan.

Experience Happiness in Bowl for yourself. MANZOKU Ramen Cooking Kits are available from the Pall Center or come by our pop-up shop in Howald (please check our Facebook page for opening times).



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